The visit starts in the Plaza de la Merced, where Birthplace of Picasso is located. Pablo Ruiz Picasso, the wellknown Malaga painter, was born here the 25th October 1881. We will enter to see the personal objects and works of art belonging to the painter and his family.

From here we will continue to the Church of Santiago, the first Catholic church built after reconquest of Malaga in 1487 by the Catholic Monarchs. We will enter the interior to contemplate the baptismal font of Picasso, since his family belonged to this parish.

Finally we will reach the Buenavista Palace (16th century), which houses the collection of the Picasso Malaga Museum. We will visit the permanent collection consisting of more than 200 works of art, to find all the artistic facets of the universal painter: paintings, drawings, engravings, ceramics, sculptures,…

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    Picasso‘s Birthplace, Picasso Malaga Museum
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    necessary to book the tickets of Picasso’s Museum in advance